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          1. Hotline:400-889-3338
            Online order
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            The company profile

                Guangya Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the Nanhai District of Foshan city. And It is as a leader of the famous aluminum city. Founded in 1996, with the strong  development of Nanhai building industry, Guangya has developed to a large-scale and modern world famous aluminum manufacturer, which includes area of 620,000 m2 (including Nanhai base covers an area of 260,000 m2, Sanshui base covers an area of 360,000 m2) , with fixed assets of 1 billion yuan, more than 4000 employees, an annual capacity reachs to 300,000 tons. As a national ecological demonstration enterprise, Construction Ministry’s aluminum alloy profile fixed-point building material production enterprise, Guangya is specializing in the production of various kinds of construction and industrial aluminum profile. At the same time, it is also the authorized manufacturer of the two famous European Window & Door System. It has a series of honorary titles includes Chinese Brand Products, High-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, and Foshan's favorite brand enterprise.


            Production capacity

               Guangya Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.has more than 60 production lines from 500 tons to 4000 tons (Nanhai base has 30 lines, Sanshui base has more than 30 lines) , 7 power coating production lines (Nanhai base has 4 lines, Sanhui base has 3 lines) , 6 oxidation and electrophoresis production lines (Nanhai base has 3 lines, Sanshui base has 3 lines) , 6 insulation material production lines (Nanhai base has 4 lines, Sanshui base has 2 lines) , more than 140 sets key productions machines, most of them are from famous brands at home and abroad.

            Strong research & development capability

                Guangya aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has been paying great attentionof science and technologyto the research and development, about 30,000,000 yuan has been invested as research & development expenditure in recent years. More than 20 national patent certifications are obtained in 2009, and the total number of various countrypatent certifications has reached 300 in the past few years. Approved by the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, Guangya established "Guangdong Province aluminum and magnesium processing technology Research &Development Center", which specializes in scientific and technological research and development.

                  With a strong research & development strength, our company has made a series of major achievements in scientific research: undertaken and achieved successin Guangdong province science and technology project named "colorful anodic oxidation electrolytic coloring technology and industrialization” in 2008, undertaken research of Guangdong Province major scientific and technological project named " complex profile online quenching technology development and industrialization” in 2009, company's new energy saving aluminum sliding window was named"Guangdong key new products" , form corrosion powder coating profiles have been identified as "high-tech products in Guangdong province" .In addition, as one of the revised and draft companys, Guangya also actively participated in the drafting and revision of a number of national, international and industry standards, such as "GB5237-2008 Aluminum Alloy profile” , “GB/T 23612-2009 Aluminum Alloy architectural profile anodizing and electrophoretic painting technical specification" and other industry standards.

                At present, the company has a series of honorary titles such as "provincial enterprise technology center", "Guangdong high-tech enterprise", "Guangdong private technology enterprise", "Guangdong intellectual property advantage enterprise", "provincial patent pilot enterprise" and so on.

            Perfect quality system

                All members of the company participate in quality control and management, Guangya Building Aluminum Alloy Profileswas identified as "Chinese brand"in thefirst batch ofcompanys in 2004and passed the review successfully in 2007.Power coating aluminum products through the European famous aluminum powder coating quality certification named “Qualicoat”, and also the first Qualicoat certified company in Southern China, anodizing aluminum products through the Europeanfamous architectural aluminum surface oxidationquality certification named “Qualanod”, Aluminum Alloy energy-saving window through the certification ofChinese energy-saving products quality certification center, the automobile aluminum profile has passed the ISO/TS16949 automotive industry quality management system certification, quality management model has passed three certifications: ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system.

            First class testing equipment

               Guangya aluminum testing center is a professional testing institution for aluminum profiles, which through the assessment of the National Accreditation Committee of China, and got the “ Laboratory Accreditation Certificate” as one of the five national recognized laboratories in the national aluminum profile industries. All the main testingmachines and supporting equipments available in all varieties, and reached the domestic advanced level in center. With various types of important testing equipments more than 20 sets, they include German SPECTRO atomic emission spectrometer, Israel ROMIDOT section scanner, German GARDNER series coating equipment, electronic universal material testing machine, metallographic microscope, xenon weathering experiment box, programmable constant temperature and humidity box, UV weathering test box, salt fog test warehouse, tensile testing machine, etc. The testing items include aluminum and aluminum alloy chemical composition, aluminum alloy phase structure, profile mechanical properties, profile section size, anodic oxide film performance, electrophoresis paint film performance, organic coating performance, heat insulation profile and insulation material performance, etc.

            Excellent sales network

                Guangya aluminum products are fashion elegant and world famous, have a large number of well-known large and landmarkbuilding projectsat home and abroad, such as the Bird's nest, Water cube, Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport, Japan Epson, Dubai Gate of the Gulf, Abu DhabiCentral market, Russian Federal Building, Frankfurt railway aviation center in Germany,all of them witnesse the brilliance of the global construction industries. We not only sell our products to all over the world, we also set up a marketing branches in Hongkong, the United States and Australia, set sales networks in the EU, the Middle East, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The export volume is among the best in many aluminum manufacturing enterprises.

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